Sanchi copper oil lamp


Move over candle lights, here comes the original the oil lamp in its sanchi avatar. Inspired by the hemispherical domes of the stupas of sanchi, this handspun oil lamp is meditative and aesthetic. The lamps is spun by hand out of copper and brass sheets. The fuel chamber can hold up to 25 ml of oil. Pour oil, insert wick and light the lamp and youre good to go for two to three hours.

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Primary Color: Gold

Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a moist soft cloth. Do not scrub your lacquered copper products or use any kind of detergents on it

Weight: 185 gm

Disclaimer: This product is handcrafted and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.

Sku L33
Country of Origin India
Height - 2.75"
Diameter - 4.25"
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