Madhubani All over multi colored tussar silk dupatta


Madhubani art is an ancient art form practiced in mithila, popularly known as bihar now. It is mostly practiced by women in the villages who paint portrayals of nature, mythology, folk themes,pastoral symbols etc. To create these intricate pieces a master artist takes around 12-15 days. This is a hand painted madhubani dupatta. Depicting wedding rituals and love of radha and krishna. Note: it is painted using acrylic colors and there might be small imperfections owing to the painting technique used to paint this dupatta. Therefore you can never find two exactly same pieces, thus making them unique

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Item Details

Woven/Knitted: Woven

Primary Color: Off white

Care Instructions: Dry clean only

Sku DMTS0012

Length: 2.5 mtrs, Width: 35"

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