Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam


  • Mayank Anand & Shraddha Nigam

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  • Tell us something about your brand?

    Mayank Anand Shraddha Nigam is a five year old label dedicated to bringing Indian handloom fabrics and weaves back into mainstream fashion. The designers reinterpret hand-woven textiles into contemporary clothing. The design quotient is minimalist with an ability to transcend - "from the ramp to the home," seamlessly.

  • What would you have been doing if you didn’t get into designing?

  • One fashion mistake that most men and women make?

  • Describe your designs or products on TSL in three words?

  • One celebrity you'd love to dress?

  • If you could save only 1 piece of clothing from your wardrobe, what would that be and why?

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