• Akansha Agarwal

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  • Tell us something about your brand?

    Hailing from a traditional jeweller family in Rajasthan, I had always seen women around me wearing clothing with beautiful colours and endless prints. As the creative head for our jewellery brand, I was traveling the globe extensively and while the international designs and silhouettes were catchy and trendy, I always wanted to see them in Indian fabrics, prints and the myriad colours. Back home, I was constantly struggling to find a clothing label that made contemporary designs with western silhouettes in quality fabrics at an affordable price. I know many people who like the designs of high street brands but loath the synthetic feel of the fabric. I knew that for many of us, THE FEEL OF THE CLOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE LOOK OF IT. And that’s how Gulaal Creations was born. Gulaal, which is synonymous with the colourful festival of Holi, is fuelled by my undying love for colours and quality. GULAAL BRINGS FORTH A RANGE OF DELIGHTFUL FASHION CLOTHING, MODERN, COMFORTABLE, STRIKING BUT HINGED FIRMLY ON THE USE OF QUALITY TEXTILES. Like most designers, I draw my inspiration from almost everything around me, whether it is my everyday life in the colourful and beautifully slow paced Jaipur or my travel to frenzied cities abroad dipped in their multi-layered cultures. Gulaal is for you and what you really are, it is designed keeping in mind normal people who like to look good without being uncomfortable. At Gulaal, our roots are important to us – hence, Indian textiles and arts is are basic choice. We firmly believe clothes can look good on anyone irrespective of their looks or figure.Each one of their outfits is complimentary to all body types This is the type of clothing that we completely BELIEVE IN –feels good on skin and look absolutely pretty when adorned. This is what I wear!

  • What would you have been doing if you didn’t get into designing?

    I would have pursued dramatics. I have always wanted to apply to National School of Drama

  • One fashion mistake that most men and women make?

    Men - I hate those pointy shoes. Women - Wearing heels, even if women find them uncomfortable and walk awkwardly in them

  • Describe your designs or products on TSL in three words?

    Comfortable, Premium Quality and Modern

  • One celebrity you'd love to dress?

    Without a doubt, Alia Bhatt

  • If you could save only 1 piece of clothing from your wardrobe, what would that be and why?

    A Classic White Shirt because classic never goes out of style!


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