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  • Tell us something about your brand?

    Ekru is the joint venture of two young, vibrant and passionate designers – Ekta Jaipuria and Ruchira Kandhari. The two young ladies had a fervent desire to make a mark in the Indian fashion scene. Their hard work and dedication paid off through the fabrication of the fashion label – Ekru

  • What would you have been doing if you didn’t get into designing?

    Well, if not garments, then designing with some other medium for sure. What keeps us going, is the drive & the ability to create, the entire process of conceiving a design to its execution, we take pleasure in being a part of this laborious & strenuous process.

  • One fashion mistake that most men and women make?

    Well, while women over do it most of the time, making it a disaster, the men under does it. What’s important is the ability to strike a balance.

  • Describe your designs or products on TSL in three words?

    Experimenting with traditional embroidery forms with completely contemporary feel, is the buzzword for all our pcs. The brand carries its hallmark in the unique use of exquisite embellishments & handcrafted textiles. The use of forgotten embroidery techniques and the efficient mix of woven fabrics is what creates the definiton of luxury. An Ekru lady, is a woman of today, who displays her confidence by embracing her roots instead of shying away.

  • One celebrity you'd love to dress?

    We at Ekru have always loved the saratorial choices of Sonam kapoor. And we are happy, that we also got the opportunity to dress her.

  • If you could save only 1 piece of clothing from your wardrobe, what would that be and why?

    Tailored garmeenst can offer a fit which is luxurious. Woven fabrics add that extra touch of creativity in the regular mundane life. Any garment combining these two are always welcome. Ekru over the years have built the name to be successfully able to combine craftsman with luxury teamed with understated glamour.

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