• Navya and Divya Niranjan

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  • Tell us something about your brand?

    Blueprint is high-quality, high style shopping experience. It defines cosmopolitan glamour - a blend of classic sophistication and urban luxury. It is a camaraderie of bold hues and prints.

  • What would you have been doing if you didn’t get into designing?

    Navya: My background has always been arts and drawing so perhaps I would have taken another artistic route. Divya: I probably would be making Tanjore Paintings.

  • One fashion mistake that most men and women make?

    Clothes that don’t fit you right. Shapeless loose clothing or too small never made anyone look their best. an outfit needs to have some shape and structure.

  • Describe your designs or products on TSL in three words?

    Unafraid, Luxurious, Vogue, Lively, Clean lines, Sharp

  • One celebrity you'd love to dress?

    Kangana Ranaut.

  • If you could save only 1 piece of clothing from your wardrobe, what would that be and why?

    Navya: I would save my Blueprint plaid jacket, it pairs well with everything. Divya: My Blueprint silk checkered jacket. The reason is my love for jackets and this one is my favourite.

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