• Vishwa Sorathia

  • Tell us something about your brand?

    ‘Alter ego’ means ‘second self’. We truly believe that each citizen of this country is an Indian at heart, no matter where they are. Through our products, we hope to strike a chord with today’s generation and reconnect them with their roots. We craft eclectic apparel that are the perfect blend of traditional and modern, to demonstrate the versatility of age-old Indian techniques and crafts. We aim to create products that will appeal to today’s global citizen, and help them rediscover their alter ego.

  • What would you have been doing if you didn’t get into designing?

    If i didnt get into designing then i would be an engineer and eventually would have done masters in HR and i am so certain about it because i am an engineer turned HR turned designer. I was always been passionate about creating my own designs and that drove me to create Alterego.

  • One fashion mistake that most men and women make?

    We try to be who we are not just to fit in but i feel fashion is very personal.Its all about your own comfort and portraying who you really are. So one mistake most men and women do is not being true to who they are in the process of following the fashion trends.

  • Describe your designs or products on TSL in three words?

    Minimal, Contemprory, Indian

  • One celebrity you'd love to dress?

    Sonam Kapoor : i admire her fashion sense.

  • If you could save only 1 piece of clothing from your wardrobe, what would that be and why?

    If i could keep one item from my wardrobe then without a doubt it would be my plain black tshirt cuz again for me fashion is all about my comfort and a black tee would go a long long way.

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