How does it work?

The Secret Label is a platform to discover indepedent designers and their products. Designers showcase their products, and visitors can then place orders for the products they like.

The Secret Label is a marketplace two primary objectives.

  1. Help designers set up their own brands and sell their limited edition products.
  2. Offer discerning patrons a range of carefully crafted products with contemporary design at their core.

What happens on The Secret Label

You're a Visitor

The Secret Label is a platform for thoughtfully selected limited edition products. The Secret Label reaches out to design-savvy patrons looking for contemporary products from upcoming designers, at affordable prices, while ensuring the highest quality of production.

How it works1

Browse through unique designs

You browse through the product range imagined by our awesome designers. If you like one, you can order it from the designer. Most products are limited editions and there is a sense of uniqueness to every product you see on The Secret Label.

How it works3

Receive a carefully crafted product

The estimated production time and delivery date are indicated on the project page, and the designer would post updates incase there are any delays.

You're a Designer

The Secret Label is aiming at designers interested in starting their own brand, or have already started their label but want more visibility online. The Secret Label offers you a platform to bring your ideas to life by giving you tools to monetise your designs.

How it works2

Upload your designs and get orders

Start by filling in your designer profile, followed by uploading your products details. Your product(s) will be showcased on the platform and buyers can place orders for them. Let all your patrons know where you are selling.

How it works4

Produce & Ship

Once your product is ready to be shipped, you will have to send the product to the The Secret Label office in New Delhi. From there we will pack the product and dispatch them to the patron who had placed order.

The Secret Label stands for quality products and unique designs. It aims at connecting patrons and designers by providing a user-friendy platform to showcase designs and browse through exclusive products. The Secret Label reviews projects prior to showcasing and works with the designer for the delivery for the product ordered or helps process a refund.

The Secret Label takes 10% commission on every successful sale and helps with payments, packaging and shipping.


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